| 03.18.2018

off the cuff


A little reminder

Life goes on.

— Tea

Potato Bowl

Eternally grateful that our football team got their lives together just in time for my senior year. Can’t wait to see my fellow Vandals in Boise Dec. 22.

— Erin


This is our first holiday season without Harambe in almost twenty years.

— Tess


Over the NFL threatening to fine a player wearing Ali cleats, but not Harambe.

— Luis

I am tired

My name is Griffen. I am very tired. The record for least sleep consistently is by two Australian men who slept only three  hours a night and held jobs in the business sector.

— Griffen

Here we go

We all know that dead week is basically just a slap in the face before finals week.

— Hailey


I don’t know about you, but I certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable guiding an international flight schedule during my first day as an employee.

— Josh

Potato Bowl

Congratulations to the Vandal football team. I can’t wait to cheer you guys on in Boise.

— Diamond

Ded week

Because it kills you to get an A.

— Claire

Going bowling

Every time the Vandals head to Boise for a bowl game they come home with a victory. #threepeat

— Mihaela

Icy pavement

I’ve been walking around like the world is made of roller skates just to make sure I don’t die.

— Jack

Survival kit

Here’s to some amazing groups during finals and dead week. Studying in a group is so great for discussing topics rather than regurgitating material.

— Catherine


It’s really cold outside … I don’t know how to feel. Finals. Brrr.

— Kevin

Sentimental and Monday

It’s a Holy Holy song — and its worth checking out.

— Lyndsie

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