| 03.24.2018

Off the cuff



I’m glad you could come by this weekend. Let’s have a blast

— Jack


Bipolar as it comes, stick or go home.

— Luis

Christmas music

Does anyone else feel incredibly uncomfortable listening to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” or is it just me?

— Josh

Winter is coming

Or is it here? If you don’t know, catch up on “Game of Thrones” before it’s back next year.

— Kevin

Brace yourself

Dead week is coming.

— Erin

Tis the season

To live in a constant state of fear and worry about finals week.

— Hailey

Above and beyond

Big shout-out to Lawton Publishing in Spokane. They bought a new printing press and it makes Blot magazine even more beautiful than it already was. So psyched for the next issue to come out on Monday. — Tess


On stands Monday. Give us a shout-out on social media and you’ll receive a limited-edition sticker with the new Blot logo on it. Also, just read our magazine, because it’s pretty great.

— Lyndsie

Lucky duck

I’m somehow escaping the end of this semester without a single final. Christmas break here I come.

— Tea

Old McDonald’s

The creator of the Big Mac died Monday at the age of 98. Perhaps in commemoration of Michael “Jim” Delligatti I’ll actually eat a Big Mac for the first time in my life. Then again, maybe not.

— Claire

Story of my life

It’s hard being a sleepy woman with a busy life.

— Diamond


I have decided that the second my finals are over I will be going into a week-long hibernation.

— Mihaela

Dwarfish lore

Did you know that the reason we commonly misspell the plural of dwarf as dwarves instead of dwarfs is because Tolkien misspelled it in his original trilogy and neither him nor his editor caught it.

— Griffen

Skipping meals

It is officially finals era when two granola bars are breakfast, lunch and dinner.

— Catherine

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