| 03.19.2018

December is for the dads


Dads’ Weekend at the University of Idaho is a longstanding tradition complete with golf, beer tasting and, of course, Vandal football.

The event is usually celebrated in the fall about a month after semester begins, allowing students who haven’t seen family since starting college to reconnect and show their loved ones what it means to be part of the Vandal family. The weekend allows students with parents who might not have been Vandals or college attendees to see what makes their student proud to call Moscow their home away from home.

Dads’ Weekend is traditionally a family-oriented event. When Dad comes to campus, so do Mom and siblings.

But now, with Dads’ Weekend arriving just days after students came back to Moscow following a family-filled Thanksgiving break, relatives might not be as willing to visit as they have been in years past. The icy roads between Moscow and home will also likely serve as a snowy obstacle that some just aren’t willing to brave.

As a result, Dads’ Weekend will likely have a lower turnout.

Or will it?

The Idaho football team is in the midst of one of the most successful seasons in program history, including possession of a postseason bowl berth. With a 7-4 record that could improve to 8-4 on Saturday, there’s no doubt there will be some Vandal dads and families willing to brave December travel conditions to see the team’s potential win — and taste some beer or attend other events while they’re at it.

And with Bowl Selection Day on Sunday, that’s all the better reason to visit Moscow and be part of the Vandal football hype.

Dads’ Weekend is meant to further tradition and expose relatives to the atmosphere of the UI campus. The hope is that connections are forged on such weekends that make families and alumni want to return to Moscow and participate year after year. Though some students won’t see their fathers this weekend because of the unusual scheduling, that’s no reason to expect the football game won’t produce a packed Kibbie Dome or result in an increased attendance at other associated events.

Dads’ Weekend in December isn’t conventional, but every Vandal should attempt to make the best of it with their loved ones. Isn’t that what the holiday season is all about anyway?

— LK

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