Horoscopes: June 8, 2016


Gemini 5/21-6/20

Do you like tea? If the answer is no, try some different options from fruit to herbal to chocolate mint. Take the teabags, take advantage of the summer sun and make sun tea.

Cancer 6/21-7/22

Take this summer to catch up on your reading list. Go to the library or hit up Amazon/Kindle to find something interesting and get to read. You won”t be disappointed.

Leo 7/23-8/22

School is out, there”s not much to do and its easy to get bored. Why not put some of this down time to use and get a summer job? It”s not too late, if you already have a job get a second one, if you have two “¦ well good for you. Keep it up.

Virgo 8/23-9/22

Classes for fall term are selected, check VandalWeb to see if the necessary textbooks are available yet, buy or rent them on Amazon early and get a head-start on some of the material. Your future-self will thank you.

Libra 9/23-10/22

Summer vacation is in its fourth week and things are starting to get boring. Here”s an idea grab, some friends go to Walmart and buy some water guns and pool noodles. Have a water gun fight and hit each other with noodles. You will not be disappointed.

Scorpio 10/23-11/21

School is out, time is ample. Try reconnecting with an old friend this summer in person or over the internet. See what happens, you may rekindle something.

Sagittarius 11/22-12/21

It”s summer. Big Foot sightings are at an all time high this time of year. Grab your binoculars, grab your wife and go find the furry big footed man, or whatever you would call the woolly beast.

Capricorn 12/22-1/19

Tis the season to be streaming, hit up Netflix or Hulu for their options and consider picking up a new series you”ve always been intrigued by.

Aquarius 1/20-2/18

The grass is green, the sun is bright, the concrete is hot, your apartment is overheating and you are sweating. Give yourself the comfort you deserve this June, head to the aquatic center or your preferred swimming destination and bask in the water.

Pisces 2/19-3/20

The plants are getting enough sunlight for their chlorophyll to do its thing. Go to your favorite nature spot in Moscow and pick some wild flowers. You will be surprised at how much joy a few personally picked flowers will make you feel on your counters or tables.

Aries 3/21-4/19

The Moscow Farmer”s Market is back again, challenge yourself this year, don”t just buy some produce, try your hand at growing it. A lot of vendors sell plants you can grow your own food with. So grow your own food and become self-sufficient.

Taurus 4/20-5/20

It”s summer, its hot, but not hot enough for a Taurus. Go buy some fire wood, do some research and find out where you can have a bonfire, invite your friends, toast some marshmallows.

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