Movie reel: The Best of the 80’s

There is no better decade for cheesy teen-related films than the 1980s. Whether you have seen these films 100 times or not even once, this list will not disappoint.

“Ferris Bueller”s Day Off”

In this film, Ferris Bueller, a skilled truant and prankster, makes one last-ditch-effort at skipping school before his high school graduation. With his new girlfriend and glum best friend in tow, Ferris avoids his school”s dean of students, his parents and his meddling sister to spend an incredible day playing hooky in downtown Chicago.

“The Breakfast Club”

Five high school students from all different backgrounds take on a day of weekend detention and make the most of their dull situation. The unconventional group holds a member of each teen clique: an outcast, a jock, a nerd, a prepster and a rebel. Throughout the day, each of the students shares their story and finds that high school might not be the same without their newly made friends.

Hailey Stewart Argonaut

Hailey Stewart

“Karate Kid”


After moving from New Jersey to Southern California, Daniel finds that being the new kid on the block is even more difficult when your bullies are karate stars. Luckily, Daniel befriends Mr. Miyagi, a master of the martial arts with a peculiar way of teaching. Mr. Miyagi mentors Daniel and prepares him to fight against his bullies, while Daniel finds his way in a new town.


Moving from the open-minded city of Chicago to a small Midwestern town, teenager Ren McCormack finds that his new home sees rock music and dancing as illegal activities. In addition to his struggles fitting in, Ren also faces the task of changing the town rules to allow for a high school dance. With his newest friend and love interest, Ren tries to shake and loosen up the small town.


In this unusually bizarre “80s film, Heather, one of the most popular girls in school belongs to Westburg High School”s ruling clique called the Heathers. When she realizes that the leader of the Heathers is more cruel than kind, Heather and her deranged boyfriend, Jason, poison her and cover up the accident as a suicide. Soon after the “suicide” Heather finds that her sociopathic boyfriend is not accidentally killing popular students, but intentionally killing them. It is Heather”s job to stop Jason while cleaning up the messes they have created together.

“The Goonies”

Facing the loss of their family home in Astoria, Oregon, two brothers, Mikey and Brand, set out on a treasure hunt with a band of kids called the Goonies. The kids embark on an adventure to find riches and save their home from foreclosure. Winding their way through underground tunnels and caverns, the Goonies must escape the clutches of a family of convicts, while making their way out with the treasure.

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