| 03.24.2018

Not-so-sloppy seconds — The romantic comedy ‘Two Night Stand’ is a fun crowd pleaser



Bradley Burgess | Rawr

One-night stands are one of the many go-to story starters for romantic comedies, but “Two Night Stand,” written by Mark Hammer and directed by Max Nichols, adds a twist to the cinematic trope.

In the film, Megan (Analeigh Tipton), who is recovering from a bad breakup, meets Alec (Miles Teller) through an online dating site and the two have an awkward one-night stand. When morning comes, Megan is eager to bail, but a blizzard has snowed them in and trapped her in Alec’s apartment. As a result, the two must learn to make peace until the snow clears and in the process, they might just discover that they had more in common than they thought.

rawrfeb1The idea behind “Two Night Stand” is hysterically brilliant in a way everyone can appreciate. Regardless of whether you’ve had a one-night stand, almost everyone has experienced an awkward moment with someone they’re attracted to. Any good film takes a relatable scenario and multiplies it to the extreme. This film does that in spades.

But as any rom-com fan knows, a good premise means nothing if you don’t fall in love with these characters. Fortunately, Alec and Megan sparkle. Megan, who opens the movie coming up with clever answers to online dating questions, has a great wit, which pays off when she meets Alec. She delivers most of the film’s comedy and is well-written across the board.

Alec manages to be endearing and charming in a unique way, unlike most rom-com male leads who seem like they’re trying too hard. When the two meet and eventually hit it off, it’s satisfying to see them work off each other and the film comes up with enough for them to do that it doesn’t get boring. It’s also refreshing to see a rom-com that doesn’t deal with the misunderstanding cliche that keeps the couple apart. There’s a good twist with this film that ends up breaking your heart a little bit.

“Two Night Stand” is a fun and refreshing rom-com that is definitely worth a watch this Valentine’s Day. It’s a film that both sexes can enjoy and is also fun for film fans to see a comedy with this much going for it.

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