| 03.20.2018

Final days a freshman: See you again soon


Leah Uptmor, a University of Idaho public relations major, said she cannot believe her freshman year is over.

She said she won”t be able to go swing dancing every week, or see her best friend and roommate, or eat the meals prepared by the Kappa Delta chef.

“I don”t want to leave Moscow,” Uptmor said, putting her head in her hands.

Uptmor said she has a summer job with the Idaho Forest Service working a graveyard shift in order to help pay for her next year at UI. She also has summer plans to go to the Watershed Music Festival, a country music festival, at the end of July, before coming back August 5 for Greek recruitment in the fall.

Joleen Evans | Argonaut Freshman Leah Uptmor works on homework Monday in the fishbowl of the UI Library.

Joleen Evans | Argonaut
Freshman Leah Uptmor works on homework Monday in the fishbowl of the UI Library.

“It”s weird to think they will be younger,” Uptmor said. “I”ll have my own Little.”

Uptmor was originally an economics major, but switched to public relations and is considering a minor in communications. She said her introductory communications class was a great class and the professor encouraged her to continue in the field. She said she is happy to almost be done with her general education credits, and that she no longer needs to take math or science classes.

“I”m ready to get rid of gen-ed credits and start getting into actual classes,” Uptmor said.

During the spring semester she said her favorite classes were her yoga class and her country swing class.

“While doing (yoga), you don”t realize it”s a workout,” Uptmor said. “You get up the next day like, “Oh, I”m actually sore now.””

Some of Uptmor”s favorite memories are uploaded in a Facebook photo album of freshman year, she said. She has photos of the formals she attended, Emerald and Black Diamond, Moms” Weekend, first campout of the spring, homecoming and her first-ever concert.Uptmor said she went to see Luke Bryan, Dustin Lynch and Little Big Town in concert, and visited Montana State University”s Alpha Gamma Rho.

Uptmor said she is a lot more open-minded than when she came to UI. She also said she is much more flexible and relaxed as she has started to figure things out. For next year, Uptmor said she is excited to help freshmen as well as getting her Little.

Her most recent life motto is “take it easy, but work hard, and look at the big picture.” She said this will help get her through the three months of hard work, but it will pay off next semester.

“I”m excited for what”s coming up,” Uptmor said.

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