A man with purpose


People can go through a lot of changes in their lives. Some have a certain mystique about them that others just don”t understand.

This individual is a man of a thousand stories. He is a man with a purpose. A man on a mission to conquer his personal demons. His name is Stefan Montana.

Megan Hall | Rawr

Megan Hall | Rawr

Stefan is a 32-year-old San Diego native who by day owns multiple car dealerships. But by night, he”s a mystery. Stefan vilifies the night scene in Southern California and channels his hatred by being an undercover cop. But its his personal tale that makes him mysterious.

For most of his life, Stefan has endured pain and tragedy. But the biggest sting was when his high school sweetheart Alina Perry, an intellectual bombshell, went missing on prom night March 17, 2001.

The couple didn”t have a “love at first sight” encounter when they met in a house party in fall 1998. The two had contrasting personalities, with Alina being more ravishing and social than Stefan. However, a simple conversation about academics became a relationship.

The two were insanely in love. They envisioned themselves going to New York City after graduating high school. Both were accepted to one of the top institutions in New York and planned on living together.

But it all ended abruptly, and began a cultivation of unfortunate events that haunted Stefan for years.

Nobody in the public eye, including Stefan, has heard of her since, but in reality she was abducted by the Miranda regime (Ruben, Tio and Eddie) and left for dead.

The Miranda”s have been the kingpin of the drug industry since Raul Montana, Stefan”s dad, was murdered by Ruben in Miami. They behave in a callous manner and are not afraid to murder anyone in their path.

In fall 2011, Alina escaped the Miranda Estate in Miami and hasn”t been heard from since.

Rumors had circulated that Alina currently lives in the northwest, others claim she lives in the city of jewels, La Jolla. However, no evidence has been verified that she lives in any of those areas.

Since Alina escaped, the Miranda”s have been on a hunt to find her by hiring a stunning business agent named Maia, who has been stalking Montana for years.

Stefan and Maia dated for over a year and considered to be the best entertainment moguls in the world.

But a fallout involving soccer superstar Antwon Blakeslee led to their nasty breakup and ended Montana”s agency career.

Not only does Stefan vilify Maia, but he also wishes death on the regime like they did to his father, his two cousins in 1997 and his friends Jean Carter, Stefan”s former boss at Rylie”s Tavern, and Gene Smith, his college friend from New York in a span of six months in 2011. Montana knows they may have a lot to do with all of their deaths and Alina”s absence.

If that wasn”t enough, Stefan went through a hard time during which he abused drugs, from acid to LSD, and cut himself to ease his pain.

Nobody seemed to help him out because of his anti-social personality. He”s too private and naive to tell anyone outside of his friends who he is outside of his car dealership.

While he struggled to find his identity, he encountered his true passion: capturing drunken underage students to prevent sexual violence on Friday and Saturday nights.

He works with Ben Arrington, his high school buddy and all-star kicker in Atlanta where Montana lived from 1995-2001. They call themselves the SoCal Wrecking Crew as they are crime solvers across campuses in Southern California. Essentially, they”re school undercover cops and have been successful.

Stefan would only tell his struggles to Ben because they”ve known each other for years and remained close. They often have long conversations of any topic including Stefan”s hatred of Kenny G and piano music. But no matter how good their friendship has been, Stefan”s biggest hurdle took place in 2012.

Maia found Stefan while capturing a student stealing beer. Stefan refused to speak with her. But provoked him to speak about their breakup only for Stefan to flee San Diego and head back to the place his father died.

June 19, 2012 proved to be a massive roadblock in Stefan”s life as the Miranda”s were in Miami, ready to pull the trigger.

They stared at each other, waiting for someone to make a move. This encounter would become known as Black Day in South Beach and considered a modern day American folktale.

What happened? Only Montana knows the real story of what went down that day.

Luis Torres  can be reached at  arg-arts@uidaho.edu

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