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Wu Qian does not get up until noon. She lies on a golden metal Bernhardt Gilded Pressley king bed and feels her slightly swollen pre-period breasts for a while before she gets out of a light purple Fino Lino Linen & Lace King Marilyn silk quilt. She steps on the soft creamy-white carpet and awakes a pink Apple MacBook she left on a white bench the night before. Turning on her favorite music station, “80s Pop, she sings with the music and washes her face.

She does not feel hungry, although she hasn”t eaten for 12 hours. She knows the servant will prepare her lunch on the counter downstairs before leaving. Perhaps she will have a vegetable salad, a steak and a glass of fresh orange juice today, but she will not touch any food today. Because today is April 29th.

David Black | Rawr

David Black | Rawr

A soft and sweet woman”s voice occupies the entire bedroom. It”s Liang Jingru”s “Courage.” Qian feels more relaxed now. She sits on a blue-white Denison Mirrored fabric bench in front of a metal and glass vanity. She opens a drawer in the vanity to reveal her daily cosmetics.

She checks her   appearance in the mirror and smiles with satisfaction. She closes her eyes for a while. Then, she puts some illuminating base on her face. This foundation primer is moisturizing and refreshing. Her fingers move fast on her face. The next second, she uses a pink Beautyblender sponge to apply some Chanel”s Vita Lumière Aqua, and then she picks a Suqqu Multipurpose Powder Brush for the Dior Diorskin Nude Air Compact Powder. Soon, a radiant and luminous face appears in the mirror.

The song switches to Mayday”s “Embrace.” This was her favorite karaoke song. She has a lot of memories with it, both happy and sad ones. She recalls hearing the song one late night as he removed her makeup as they sat in her tiny, crowded single apartment the first year they met in college. The sweet memory helps her finish the eye makeup in three minutes.

She applies the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer, M.A.C. Mineralize Eye Shadow, Urban Decay Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette, YSL Couture Kajal Pencil, Uemura Fake Eyelashes, Shisheido Nourishing Mascara Base and Chanel”s Sublime de Chanel Infinite Length and Curl Mascara on eye areas.

Observing her perfect eye makeup in the mirror, she takes the Temptu Air Pod Blush out of the drawer. She has been using this blush lately, but now her eyes cannot move from the Maybelline Mousse Blush. This blush was her 18th birthday gift. At that time, he could only afford this pink drugstore blush. She has taken this expired blush with her for six years, no matter where she lives.

Half an hour later, Qian stops at a Luosha Cake store. She searches something in a glass cake counter. “How may I help you?” A young staff asks.

“I ordered a “White Crystal” cake yesterday, but it”s not here.” Qian points to the glass counter.

“Oh, are you Miss Wu?” The staff notices Qian”s ten carats diamond wedding ring and says, “Ahm “¦ sorry, are you Mrs. Wu?” His smiles in an unnatural way now.

“Yes.” Qian replies quietly.

“Oh, um “¦ I”m very sorry to tell you that my colleague made a mistake yesterday. You know, she”s new, so she does not know that we are not making the “White Crystal” cakes any more. It”s still on the menu board, but we will remove it soon. We”re very sorry about this. Do you want to buy another cake? I can offer you a fifty percent off for any cake.”

Qian frowns, “no “¦ no, thanks…” Qian shakes her head for a second toward the staff.

“We are very sorry. If you like, I   can return the full amount to your account now.”

Qian nods and takes out her purse, her face expressionless. While the staff is helping her with the refund, she stares at the glass counter blankly. Soon, the cashier hands back her card, but she doesn”t respond or move. Her eyes are still focusing on the glass counter.

Outside the cake store, the chaotic street delivers the noises of cars and people. The scene is so similar that she cannot tell which year it is.

Today is April 29th, his birthday. She always eats his favorite “White Crystal” cake alone at this store to celebrate his birthday, even after they broke up eight years ago.

Jinrong Lei  can be reached at arg-arts@uidaho.edu

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