Warm weather means it”s time to change up the wardrobe


Spring weather has officially hit the Pacific Northwest, and that means it is finally time to bring out brighter colors and lighter clothing. Unlike other seasons, spring is the best time of the year to mix and match clothes for all seasons. With a few key pieces and some innovation, creating a spring weather wardrobe is easier than one would think.

Idaho tends to have the most unpredictable weather, and springtime in Moscow is no exception. So, when sifting through the closet, make sure to pull out pieces of clothing that can easily be worked into outfits for either warmer or cooler settings.

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For women, spring clothing possibilities are endless. Those that have staple, year-round clothing items in their wardrobe already have a head start, but for those who don”t, it only takes a few central items.

Spring is the best season to break out the light knit sweaters and denim jackets. Chambray shirts and shirt jackets are also great alternatives to thicker materials. These choices give coverage without making the outfit too warm. On days when the wind or rain picks up, it doesn”t hurt to be prepared and keep a simple rain jacket or windbreaker on hand.

Most clothing stores bring out styles that are more fit for the upcoming season instead of the current one. However, this can be used to your advantage by utilizing tank tops and layering them under various types of outerwear. Any kind of light, airy t-shirts are great for layering as well.

Just because warmer weather has emerged doesn”t mean that the comfort of winter leggings has to go away. While thick leggings may not be the best option for spring weather, casual, comfortable jeans are the best way to go. Capris length jeans and pants are perfect for springtime. The boyfriend and artist crop styled jeans have a roomier fit than other styles and give most outfits a casual look. To bring in some color, utilize pants that are navy blue, olive green or berry colored.

Spring is the best time to style dresses and skirts. T-shirt dresses and shift dresses are great for all body types and are very easy to dress up or dress down.

For any season, it is best to pick shoes that can be used multiple times throughout the year. Converse and Keds sneakers in a crisp white color work well with almost any outfit. Ballet flats come in all kinds of colors and help to add that extra brightness to a spring look. On warmer days, tan or brown strappy sandals will look great with both jeans and dresses.

As for the men out there who find spring to be a time to simply wear shorts and a t-shirt, worry not – there are plenty of great options for creating a spring style.

Like women, the best spring outerwear options come in the form of light cardigans and simple pullovers.

Finding a good fit and wash in pants and shorts is essential to creating a put-together look. Stick with a straight-legged fit with a medium to dark wash for both jeans and khakis. Jeans bring a more casual vibe to a look while khakis help to dress up the outfit. With shorts, the same style and fit apply, but it is OK to add more color. Colors like olive green, grey, navy and burgundy are all good shades to incorporate into daily spring wear. However, make sure to stay away from clunky cargo shorts, and invest in shorts that hit just above the knee and carry a slimmer fit.

The best way to get creative with shirt choices is to bring in prints and color. Casual button-up shirts in both long and short sleeves are great for everyday wear, and they can often be found with a stripe or polka dot pattern. For more simple looks, baseball tees and crewneck tees are must-haves.

Men”s shoes are especially exciting to get innovative with. Different styles and textures of the common sneaker are trending right now, and make picking out the perfect shoe so much more interesting. Vans, Converse and Toms are all great brands that not only carry casual sneakers but more dressed-up styles as well.

Mixing it up as the weather gets even warmer will help you transition from spring into summer with ease. With these simple spring fashion ideas, it is effortless to stay trendy all season long.

Hailey Stewart can be reached at  arg-arts@uidaho.edu  or on Twitter @Hailey_ann97

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