| 03.20.2018

Turning the page – Local used bookstore moves to new Main Street location

Scott Janke often says that though he loves books, he loves people who love books even more. Janke said it had been his life-long dream to own a bookstore of his own. Early in their relationship, it was a date-night tradition for him and his wife, Leah, to buy pizza, rent a movie and spend time browsing their local bookstore.

The bookstore that would make Janke”s dream come true was around long before that. Before Moscow”s only used bookstore was known as Read it Again, the Second Street bookstore was called TJ”s.

Yishan Chen | Argonaut
The Read It Again book store moved to 610 S. Main St. earlier this month.

Before that, the store was widely known as Twice Told Tales in the little blue house on Almon Street. Name and owner changes aside, the used bookstore has been a part of Moscow for nearly 50 years.

Now, six years since Janke and his wife bought and renamed the historic bookstore, they”re moving to yet another location.

“We are so excited to be on Main Street,” Janke said. “To be a part of the Art Walk, Farmers Market and other events that make Moscow the community it is.”

With excitement about their more noticeable storefront, they are unpacking and settling into their new location where Falling Moon Tattoo Studio used to be. Janke said in the past, many students and Moscow residents were unaware of their location.

“We just want people to know where we are, to know where to find us,” Janke said.

Janke said extensive work went into switching locations. Before they could begin their move into the new location, they had to tear down the many plywood shelves that lined the store, left by the previous owners.

As they were working to take apart the heavy shelves, he said there was a knock at the door – it was the Moscow Fire Department from across the street, asking if they could help.

Janke said they took down the remaining shelves, hauled off the wood – which weighed over a ton – and swept the floor and sidewalk when they finished.

Janke”s father-in-law and mother-in-law, Roger and Sheryl Evans, helped the couple with the move. Sheryl said she was happy to see how supportive the Moscow community was.

“We”re from a big city where something like that would never happen,” Sheryl said. “We all live in such a beautiful, helpful community and we are so grateful for that.”

Read it Again continues to be the only used bookstore in Moscow. They have thousands of titles in stock, with genres including romance, adventure, children”s books and so many more.

“We love having the store in a college town,” Janke said. “There are so many readers looking for new books to engage their minds.”

Not only does Janke see the bookstore as a business, he said he looks at it as an opportunity for books to find a new home. By buying and selling used books, he said Read it Again is playing its part in “going green” and recycling.

“We are lucky to be here,” Janke said, “We are always here to help others in any way we can.”

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