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The woman behind the counter – A day in the life of The Perch owner Farrukh Naz


Farrukh Naz, a Pakistan native, first began working at The Perch two years ago. Eight months ago, she took over as owner of the establishment and has been building rapport with the University of Idaho community ever since.

“I”ve been here for almost 25 years so I just love every moment I live here,” Naz said. “I just love it.”

Although American culture is different than her own, Naz said she enjoys living in the United States, especially because the new culture has exposed her to a number of new experiences.

Naz didn”t go to college in the United States and said working near a university has helped her better understand America”s youth culture.

She said she likes the location of The Perch because she enjoys interacting with students and that the people she serves make her day on a regular basis.

Alex Brizee | Rawr Farrukh Naz smiles as she interacts with students at her local business, The Perch.

Alex Brizee | Rawr
Farrukh Naz smiles as she interacts with students at her local business, The Perch.

“Kids are full of energy so it just gives me energy too,” Naz said.

Although college students are older, Naz said she loves children of all ages. She said she thinks of the students who come to The Perch as beautiful, happy kids.

Now that Naz”s children are grown and on their own, she said she appreciates her daily interactions with students more.

“I just live by myself so when I come here everybody entertains me and it just makes my day go by quick,” Naz said.

One Thursday, a group of men from a fraternity on campus serenaded Naz and gave her roses. “It just makes me feel really special,” Naz said. “I love everybody that goes to school here.”

Adrien Malinowski, a UI freshman who lives down the street from The Perch, said he considers himself a regular at the establishment.

Malinowski said Naz knows almost everyone who visits her business and he enjoys hospitality The Perch provides.

“She knows pretty much everyone that comes in here, which, I mean it just helps make it nice in here,” Malinowski said. “I love conversing with her because I usually pull all-nighters so it”s nice to just talk to somebody who is as friendly as she is.”

Above all else, Naz said she appreciates all of her customers because they appreciate her.

“Everybody love me, that”s really important that people love you,” Naz said.

Alex Brizee can be reached at arg-arts@uidaho.edu

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