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#Relationshipgoals– Valentine”s Day is over, but it”s not too late to appreciate these adorable TV couples


There is nothing better than watching a favorite TV show and rooting for two characters to finally realize they are meant for one another. Over many years and seasons, TV relationships have been making us swoon with happiness. Here is a list of the best TV couples.

Hailey Stewart

Lorelai and Luke

Luke and Lorelai”s relationship blossomed out of argumentative banter and mutual love, over an entire seven seasons of “Gilmore Girls.” Because there were so many seasons, both Luke and Lorelai”s characters developed enough on their own to become one amazing couple. Luke, found his softer side, becoming a father figure to Lorelai”s daughter, and Lorelai grew into a successful mother and business owner. It was essentially the characters that viewers fell in love with separately, and loved even more once they fell for one another.

Cory and Topanga

“Boy Meets World” was a staple TV show for many in the early “90s to early 2000s. Cory, the witty kid next door, and Topanga, somewhat of a flower child, grow up together throughout the series and eventually become a wonderful couple. Their transition from just friends to a wedding proposal at high school graduation is just one of the reasons Cory and Topanga have become one of the best TV couples.

Monica and Chandler

“Friends” is one of those TV shows that does not die out, exactly like the relationship of Monica and Chandler. Chandler”s comedic sarcasm may be polar opposite to Monica”s clean-freak attitude; however, they really are the perfect pairing. The fact that they loved one another as friends first and foremost is what makes their relationship so awe-worthy.

Mitch and Cam

“Modern Family” is a TV show that has no problem in the department of creating adorable couples, and the best of those couples is definitely Mitch and Cam. Besides the fact that their relationship is built on the quirkiest of love, they are also the adoptive father”s of an even sassier daughter. Whether they are trying to outdo one another while proposing or figuring out who wore it better, Cam and Mitch”s relationship is one to aspire to, every episode.

Nathan and Haley

Although “One Tree Hill” may not have been the most accurate depiction of a small town high school, it was still incredibly easy to believe in the realness of the relationship between Haley and Nathan. Their relationship came to be when Haley began to tutor Nathan, and soon after they fell in love. Complete with a few kidnappings, and a car crash, it was really was happily-ever-after.

The two found love, albeit a little fast, however, it lasted an entire nine seasons, which gave viewers all the more reason to fall in love their relationship.

Jim and Pam

If Jim and Pam”s relationship in “The Office” didn”t make viewers want to start up their own office romance, then I don”t know what would. Between their subtle looks to each others desks, co-pranking Dwight and mutually loathing their jobs, what isn”t there to love about Jim and Pam? The two characters just clicked on screen, and definitely made everyone want to find their own Jim or Pam.

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