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Couture for different cultures – Fashion differs across cultures, but it”s more of an art form in France


Every culture has their own unique way to dress. In India, people wear wrapped Saris and bindis on their forehead, while in Japan, the street fashion is more extreme, colorful and out of the ordinary.

Claire Kennell

Fashion differences vary from culture to culture, whether it be extreme differences, or differences that are more subtle. For example, the fashion in France is not that different from the fashion in America.

For the most part, we still wear the same designers or the same brands, and a lot of people might style a specific garment in similar ways, but the way the French pursue their fashion is very different the way Americans do.

In Paris, the way people think about fashion is very inspired. Paris is like the French version of New York. Everyone is always in a rush, and for the most part people tend to dress nicer because even from city to city the fashion has its own culture.

No matter the activity, Parisians always try to look their best before leaving the house. If you wandered around Paris, you wouldn”t see sweatpants or leggings, if it wasn”t worn by people actually going for a run.

Most everyone in Paris dresses for success because it is a cultural hobby. It is their way of living. There are business women driving Vespas down the street in designer dresses and Stiletto heels. If someone did that in Idaho, they would be considered weird, whereas in Paris it is the cultural norm.

Unlike in most parts of America, fashion is considered an art form in France. They cherish it just like they cherish the paintings in the Louvre, or the architecture of the Eiffel Tower.

In America, most people roll out of bed and throw on whatever they find automatically in their closet. They can throw on some jeans and a T-shirt or a blouse and be ready for whatever their doing in their day.

Parisians match colors, or make sure that their outfit is perfect for the day, whether it”s for work, exercising, or going to a coffee shop with a friend. Women wear heels in any scenario, and men wear nice jackets or pants in any situation. Every outfit is put together, and clothes aren”t just something to put on to protect you from the cold, clothes are a form of self-expression with every accessory, or color.

Just like how Japanese street fashion is more extreme and unusual, and fashion in India is more based on their more traditional cultural norms, fashion in France has its own culture, even though it is more similar to the fashion in America.

More of the population in France see fashion as a form of art, and not what most of the population in America see, which is just modesty, and weather.

Fashion varies from place to place, exactly like language, or scenery. Fashion is a universal language, telling others what kind of person you are, and in France it”s not only that, but an art form as well.

Claire Kennell  can be reached at  arg-arts@uidaho.edu

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