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Woman for women – Women’s Center Director Lysa Salisbury shares life, experience at Women’s Center


Lysa Salsbury described her application process for a job at the University of Idaho Women”s Center as crazy, but not because of the application itself.

Salsbury said she went to Moscow”s public library to apply for the job. The library has a half hour limit on the computers, so after a half hour they would kick her off, Salsbury said. Salsbury submitted her application two minutes before the form closed.

And that wasn”t all, Salsbury said.

“It was the day all of our furniture and belongings were arriving from Mexico,” she said. “Then it was also when my parents arrived for a visit from the U.K.”

Salsbury grew up in the small village called Farringdon in Hampshire, England. It was in the U.K that she studied Spanish and Portuguese translation at the University of Leeds. She then went on to move to southern Indiana in 1993 where her partner was studying for his Ph.D. She later lived in Mexico City for five years before moving to Moscow in 2005.

Salsbury had worked as a freelance interpreter and translator, and said she intended on continuing that career path when she moved to Moscow. Having worked at Indiana University, Salsbury said she wanted to get involved with the UI campus. She said she originally applied for a position in the Office of Multicultural Affairs. When she didn”t get the job, she applied for the Women”s Center.

Salsbury worked in the office for six years before being promoted to director in 2013. She said in this position, she gets to oversee outreach efforts.

“We”ve been making a really concerted effort to expand our appeal beyond the students who traditionally have used the center,” Salsbury said. “We”re looking for ways to be more inclusive and outreach more to multicultural students.”

The Women”s Center has translated its brochure to Spanish, and has also created a series of promotional posters that are in Spanish and feature photographs of multicultural students.

Salsbury said she loves her job at the Women”s Center, especially her work with the students.

“The students that I”ve met are extraordinary,” Salsbury said. “They have incredible stories and experiences and they”re willing to share those and use those to try to create a better world for themselves and for their community. That”s very inspiring for me.”

Salsbury said she couldn”t ask for a better job and doesn”t see herself moving on anytime soon. One of her goals for the Women”s Center is to begin having increased collaboration and support for the Division of Diversity and Human Rights.

Outside the office, Salsbury makes jewelry as a stress reliever. She also enjoys singing folk and blues songs with her husband as he plays guitar. She and her husband, 14-year-old son and 16-year-old daughter enjoy outdoor activities such as biking, hiking and skiing. Salsbury also is very dedicated to community involvement, participating in different volunteer opportunities.

But there is one part of her job and lifestyle Salsbury said she finds most rewarding.

“I get to live my values,” she said.

Marisa Casella can be reached at arg-news@uidaho.edu

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