| 03.18.2018

Single”s awareness day – Valentine”s Day should be a celebration of love, but most of the time it really isn”t


Every year, Feb. 14   rolls around and you can practically hear the groans of people across the country. Maybe they”re dreading Valentine”s Day or maybe they looked at their bank account and questioned why chocolates and roses should ever cost that much money. Either way, it”s an awkward time of year for everybody.

One of the most trumped out arguments against Valentine”s Day is that the holiday is unnecessary, because why do we need a specific day to celebrate the ones we love? Shouldn”t we do that every day?

Alex Brizee

Although it”s the same argument used year after year, there”s a lot of truth to it – Valentine”s Day is more pomp than anything else and it misrepresents what love is supposed to be.

Love is not about grand gestures, gifts or dinner reservations to a place that”s not even that great. It”s about caring for a person even when you hate them or loving someone at their worst. You should show the people you love that you love them every day, not just on Feb. 14. That does not mean that people should be getting gifts every day. Show others you love them with kind gestures or by remembering the important things, or even making them feel emotionally supported when you can”t be there physically.

It doesn”t matter whether you”re single, casually dating or in a relationship – the grand gestures characteristic of such a holiday can often be absurd.

Who needs so many roses pedals covering their home that they can”t even see the floor or so much chocolate that no one could eat all of it? Giant teddy bears just aren”t practical when you”re living in a dorm or college apartment, either.

However, some people out there want to be showered with gifts and their partners enjoy doing so, and that”s great.

But it”s important to remember that it”s not about who received the most gifts or who had the nicest dinner – if someone chooses to celebrate Valentine”s Day, it”s important to remember that spending time with the one you love is what matters most.

Don”t feel compelled to spend copious amounts of money on your partner or desperately look for a date just because society tells you that”s what Feb. 14 is all about.

Some people are OK with getting take-out or a pizza and watching a movie, and some people prefer to hang out with their friends or have a quiet night in on Valentine”s Day.

I know there are some people out there who love the holiday whether they”re in love or not. There are also a lot of people out there though who hate Valentine”s Day but then love it once they are in a relationship.

Feelings toward Valentine”s Day should not change depending on relationship status. Either way, it is a ridiculous “holiday” that is shaped around giving rather than loving. Being single is nothing to be ashamed of – it”s a time that”s all about you, so rock it.

Though, if you are lucky enough to have found someone in your life that you love, do not take them for granted. Remember this is just a “holiday” (that shouldn”t even be celebrated) and if you love someone then you should be happy no matter what. Love is not something that can be fully enjoyed with quantity, only with quality.

Alex Brizee  can be reached at  arg-arts@uidaho.edu  or on Twitter at @alex_brizee

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