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Movie Reel: A guide to rom-coms


Valentine”s Day is the one day of the year where it is OK to be shamelessly sappy and romantic with film choices. It is time to break out the romantic comedies. Whether you are spending a night with yourself or a significant other, these movies are the perfect place to start.

“When Harry Met Sally”

This iconic film – starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan – asks the question, can men and women really be friends without sex getting in the way? The two main characters somehow find each other in the most random of places over a 10-year span, always arguing the same question. However, their witty arguments quickly lead to companionship and they must find a balance between friendship and attraction.

Hailey Stewart

“Crazy Stupid Love”

When Cal Weaver”s (Steve Carell) marriage unravels, he finds solace in an unlikely friend and self-identified player, Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling). While Cal learns the dating game and plots to win his wife back, Jacob unknowingly begins dating Cal”s daughter. With two love stories in one, this film definitely packs the comedy and romance.

“The Wedding Planner”

There is nothing better than the quintessential meet-cute scene between two favorite actors. After literally being swept off her feet by a handsome stranger, and landing an exclusive wedding account, Mary (Jennifer Lopez) finally feels like both her career and love life are taking off. However, she soon finds out the good-looking stranger (Matthew McConaughey) is actually the groom-to-be. Mary must plan the perfect wedding for her clients, all while falling for the groom.

“The Proposal”

With deportation looming over her head, powerful book editor Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) fakes her engagement to Ryan Paxton (Ryan Reynolds), her overworked assistant. Even though Andrew agrees to the act, there are some strings attached, including a family visit to Alaska. This film follows the two characters as they go from mutual loathing to possible love.

“Can”t Buy Me Love”

When the ultimate high school geek, Ronald Miller (Patrick Dempsey) finds his crush, Cindy Mancini, in need of extra cash to replace her mother”s ruined designer clothing, he agrees to help out under one condition: she must act like his girlfriend for a month. While Ronald climbs the social ladder, Cindy begins to fall in more ways than one.

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