| 03.24.2018

Raising the bar – Faculty Senate welcomes new student member


Joseph Dallas wanted to be a representative for the Student Bar Association (SBA) on Faculty Senate last semester, but because of a class conflict he wasn”t able to make the weekly meetings.

This semester, with his schedule free at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesdays, Dallas said he wants to stay on Faculty Senate as long as he can.

As the newest member of Faculty Senate, Dallas has some catching up to do, but he said he isn”t worried about managing all his responsibilities.

“I think just being busy is being healthy,” Dallas said.

As a representative of SBA, Dallas will speak for the University of Idaho”s law students. He said he wants to communicate frequently with the rest of SBA during his time on Faculty Senate.

“I definitely want to do what”s best for the university and what”s best for the school,” he said.

Dallas said SBA President Linda Wells was the one who initially approached him to see if he was interested in representing the association on Faculty Senate. After reviewing the material and his responsibilities, he accepted the position.

Dallas, a second-year law student and self-proclaimed “political junkie,” said he is looking forward to the opportunity to work in a democratic environment like Faculty Senate.

“I watch the Republican debates, the Democratic debates,” he said. “So for me I was excited by the position.”

While he serves on Faculty Senate, Dallas said he wants to take advantage of the unique opportunity to work with other senators who have experience serving on Faculty Senate.

He said there are some common themes to the topics they discuss, but he expects it will still take him a little extra work to get to where the other members are.

“As a new member, I just want to make sure that I”m up to par with the other senior members,” Dallas said. “So that”s just going to mean taking more time, reading the briefings and just getting familiar with the procedure.”

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