| 03.18.2018

Satire, sarcasm and sass: Winter break to-do list


All the things a college student accomplishes over winter

Right before the winter break, professors, roommates and friends all ask one question – “How will you spend your winter break?”

It puts students on the spot, so they panic and say they are going on a grand adventure to the Alps or something.

Well, I”m here to be frank about the actual break plans of most college students. That”s right, almost every college student on the planet will do these few things over break.

Claire Whitley

The first thing students will do is sleep. For days. In fact, it”s likely they will snooze almost every day until late into the day when they do decide to get up. After dead week and finals, students could use the break from grueling work and study.

A little sleep goes a long way making up for sleepless all-nighters in preparation for finals. Maybe a full hibernation over break will make up for the week of all-nighters in order to complete projects and papers.

When they aren”t sleeping, which won”t be often, students will probably be watching some silly shows on Netflix or binge-watching their favorite TV series they haven”t been able to watch in four months because of school. If they aren”t doing that, then they are simply staring at the TV screen trying to recollect their souls. They call it dead week for a reason.

The last essential activity students will take part in during break is eating. As always, college students love free food. While being at home doesn”t always guarantee free food, students get a lot more high-quality, homemade meals at home for free than they do here. Also, it”s not Bob”s or ramen, so that”s a step up at least.

Food is one of the greatest pleasures in life, and when it is a home-cooked meal from a parent, it is 10 times greater. Or if it is free – then it is also great.

After these three necessities, it is up to each student to make the most of the rest of their break. I plan on visiting a hot spring to get some more relaxation before attempting to conquer the next semester of upper division classes.

That is the key to the entire winter break. If students have the time and the means, they should take it. One month may feel like a long time when in the middle of it all, but by the time classes start up, that month will feel like it didn”t last long enough.

So take the time. Enjoy it.

Claire Whitley  can be reached at  arg-opinion@uidaho.edu or on Twitter @Cewhitley24

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