| 03.24.2018

Safe travels this holiday season – Holiday Break Bus brings students back home

For students, the Holiday Break Bus this year means safer journeys home. For families, it means less worrying.

“This is something that students should strongly consider,” said University of Idaho Dean of Students Blaine Eckles. “It”s much more convenient than they may think it is. It gets them home safely and we will get them back to campus as well.”

The chartered buses will be going to Boise, Idaho Falls and Portland, with various stops along the way. It runs for fall, winter and spring breaks.

For the Boise route, students are picked up either at the Wallace Residence Center or in front of the Bruce Pitman Center. The bus then travels through Idaho towns New Meadows, Weiser, Payette, Caldwell, Nampa, Meridian and Boise.

The Portland-bound bus stops in Pullman, picking up students from Washington State University who need to go in the same direction.

Eckles said the cost of reserving a bus is divided by the number of seats and that is what they charge for fare. Eckles said parents they like having their students ride the bus because of the affordability and the reliability.

“They want their kids to come home and they want it to be done safely,” Eckles said.

Costs vary depending on destination and can be purchased as round trip or one-way tickets.

Compared to ride share boards, Eckles said the bus eliminates the worry of driving with a complete stranger, and students know they are getting transported by a licensed professional.

“Safe and reliable transportation means professional drivers who are driving, and they don”t drive for more than eight hours at a time,” Eckles said. “They adhere to speed limits, they”re not distracted and they”re not texting.”

The holiday buses also lower the amount of traffic on the roads between campus and students” homes, Eckles said.

Students are allowed to bring one suitcase for under the bus and one carry-on item to have with them during the ride.

The winter bus will depart Friday, Dec. 19 and return on Sunday, Jan. 10. The full itinerary and additional details can be found on the Office of the Dean of Students website, or in their office, Teaching and Learning Center 232.

“Reservations go through this week,” Eckles said. “We might end up reserving one more Boise bus if it is needed.”

Eckles said there is already a full bus to Boise, and half-filled buses to Idaho Falls and Portland.

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