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Choosing Chuck


Bond Rentals provides students with alternative housing options

Living off campus is a big step for many new students, but for Josh Bacha, a University of Idaho sophomore, the transition was made easier because of Chuck Bond of Moscow’s Bond Rentals.

“I went straight from the dorms to renting from Chuck, and it was a really good experience,” Bacha said. “He’s been nothing but helpful as a landlord, and it’s made for a positive renting experience.”

Nathan Romans | Argonaut Chuck Bond, of Bond Rentals(left) and his granddaughter Ryann talk with Christina Gibbs Saturday in front of Bond's College Street apartments.

Nathan Romans | Argonaut
Chuck Bond, of Bond Rentals(left) and his granddaughter Ryann talk with Christina Gibbs Saturday in front of Bond’s College Street apartments.

Bond, who has lived in Moscow since 1968, said he began his rental business at the age of 26 after graduating from UI.

He said his business began when he received a once in a lifetime deal on a house that he later converted into a rental property.

Now the owner of 90 properties in Moscow, Bond said he takes pride in the fact that his last vacancy was for one month in July of 1997.

“My properties consist of houses, apartments and duplexes,” Bond said. “Most of my tenants came to me under the recommendations of friends or family … My business relies heavily on word of mouth.”

Bond said he attributes the success of his business to the growth of the university’s student population and an increased demand for off-campus living options.

“When I first started Bond Rentals, there was a rapidly growing student population, but not a lot of off-campus housing,” he said. “I had good timing, and now I continue to provide good service, but I’m a small player in the grand scheme of the rental business.”

Bond said his one-man operation is enjoyable. He maintains order within his business by being selective about who is able to rent one of his properties.

“I’m very selective about who I rent to and I’m very straight forward about it,” he said. “There’s no middle man when you run your own business, so if anyone has a problem they come to me directly.”

Although he is selective of his tenants, Bond said he does not feel his selectivity limits his business and said it even helps him build better bonds with his renters.

“Sometimes, I’ll get calls from previous tenants who moved to other cities and they’ll ask me for renting advice,” he said. “They know that they can trust me, and that’s what I strive for with everyone who rents from me — to build a foundation of mutual trust.”

Managing properties is no easy task, and Bond said he sees a decrease in UI’s annual student enrollment as a potential danger for rental agencies.

“The market is much more competitive now than it was 10 years ago,” he said. “Housing has increased, but student enrollment has gone down.”

Bond said despite the many challenges with renting out properties in a college town, he feels fortunate to have his business and he appreciates the quality of his tenants in Moscow.

“It’s been an enjoyable experience watching my business grow,” he said. “It’s been successful, and I have the student population to thank for that.”

Corrin Bond can be reached at arg-news@uidaho.edu

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