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She’s my mom


Take this quiz to find out what kind of relationship you have with your mom

1. Your mom surprises you by showing up for Moms’ Weekend. You react by …

a. Giving her a big hug in front of all your friends.

b. Pretending you aren’t her kid. She must have the wrong house.

c. Reaching for her purse. You need the extra cash for a beer run later.

d. Snatching the plate of brownies out of her hands.

e. Woot! The party has arrived!

Genie Train | Rawr

Genie Train | Rawr

2. You are hungry and miss your mom’s home cooked food. You decide to make …

a. Her classic mac n’ cheese. Simple, but the absolute best.

b. A PB&J. You weren’t a fan of her kale shakes.

c. A lobster salad … with the money she sent you to buy the lobster.

d. A three-course meal with stuffed mushrooms, pot roast and salted caramel cheesecake.

e. Beer battered wings. Extra beer.

3. You want to take your mom out somewhere while she visits. You …

a. Take her to get some fro-yo and spend some quality time catching up.

b. Go to the next showing of “Furious 7.” Does she even like action films?

c. Head to the mall to take advantage of having your mom’s card while you still can.

d. Sign up for a cooking class together. Mostly so she can do all the work and you can eat whatever she makes.

e. Take her to a party. She’s usually the wildest dancer in the crowd.

4. Your friends want to play a pick-up game at the Rec while your mom is in town.     What do you do?

a. Invite her to come watch and cheer you on like the good old days.

b. Tell your mom you’ll see her in a few hours and give her the remote in case she gets bored.

c. Have her buy you a new pair of shoes for the game. Then maybe she can take everyone out for pizza afterwards.

d. You don’t even have to ask — she’s already cut orange slices and made workout recovery goody bags for everyone.

e. Get her to change into athletic clothes. She’s hitting the court with you.

5. You go to a coffee shop with your mom. You order her …

a. A drip-coffee. You both don’t care for the fancy stuff. Classic and simple is best.

b. A caramel macchiato. It’s what you are getting, so she’ll probably like it.

c. A large java chip frappe with two extra shots, extra whipped cream, caramel sauce — not syrup — and a cup of caramel drizzle on the side.

d. Peach tea and a cream cheese Danish to share.

e. A latte with some room at the top to add the Bailey’s she’s smuggled in her purse.

6. It’s game night at your place. You know your mom would love to play …

a. Pictionary! Everyone loves Pictionary.

b. Video games, you suppose. That’s what you were going to do anyway.

c. Monopoly. She likes to use real money, which is all the better for you.

d. Apples to Apples, while you pass around a plate of caramel apples.

e. Kings Cup, beer pong, Cards Against Humanity, mafia, the family game … all of them before the sun comes up.

7. Your mom is about to head home and you won’t see her until the summer. You …

a. Share a long hug while you both say how much you’ll miss each other for the one month before you’ll be home too.

b. Give her the head nod as she walks out the door while you continue to play your videogame.

c. Double-check that she transferred $200 into your account before reluctantly giving back her debit card.

d. Mooch off one more batch of fresh cookies. She’s already pre-cooked the next two weeks of meals and stored them in your freezer.

e. Share one more beer together.


Mostly a’s — you and your mom have a classic mom-kid relationship. She is always supportive of you, and you are of her. You take after her in many aspects and have the utmost respect for her.

Mostly b’s — you and your mom are strictly related by blood. The relationship doesn’t extend much further than that, but you are both pretty independent, so it works. It may seem detached and not have much in common, but the important thing is she’s there for you even if you aren’t necessarily there for her.

Mostly c’s — you have a money-based relationship with your mom. You communicate best through credit cards and expensive favors. Someday, once you are a big time CEO, you’ll repay the favor.

Mostly d’s — it’s all about the food when it comes to a perfect relationship with your mom. Fresh apple pie is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “mom.” She knows the way to your heart with gooey chocolate chip cookies and three-course meals.

Mostly e’s — your mom is most likely your best friend. In another life you would be the same age and buy matching everything. Plus, she’s a party animal and makes a good wingman at parties and bars. Most people think she’s your sister or a cool cousin.

Emily Vaartstra can be reached at arg-arts@uidaho.edu

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