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Ciders for Moms’ Weekend


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Silas Whitley | Crumbs

If you need something to do with your mom on Moms’ Weekend, but don’t want to hang out on campus where most of the waking day is spent, turn to your community instead. There are plenty of things to do around the Moscow area.

I can’t speak for everyone — or everyone’s mom — but Moms’ Weekend offers moms the chance to visit their kids in college, regardless of whether it is on the university calendar or not. So get out on the town, show your mom your favorite restaurant, explore new places or have your own wine and cheese tasting.

If your mom does want to hang out on campus, check out the schedule of events from the university. Watch some turtles race, go running, learn how to plant or garden. These things may cost a little, but the funds go to good causes. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, unless your mom buys it.

Certain moms like hot toddies, other moms like Maker’s Mark and soda. Neither drink is the best, but this is OK. Cater to your mom this weekend, try things she likes or would like to try. You never know if you’ll end up liking something your mom likes and end up taking another step to becoming more similar. My mom got me interested in homebrewing and made me realize I can still learn from my parents, even in college.

Beer Comparison

Two ciders to share with mom during moms weekend, Seattle Cider (left) and Cascadia (right). Silas Whitley | Crumbs

Two ciders to share with mom during moms weekend, Seattle Cider (left) and Cascadia (right).
Silas Whitley | Crumbs

For moms who like cider, I compared two canned hard apple ciders. Seattle Cider Company’s Semi Sweet Hard Cider from Seattle, Washington, and Cascadia Ciderworkers United Granny Smith Hard Apple Cider out of Portland, Oregon. Admittedly, I didn’t realize one used granny smith apples until I got home, so the comparison is almost a stretch because of the difference in the apples used.

Regardless, the Cascadia cider was half a dollar cheaper ($2.39) than the Seattle Cider ($2.89) and had more alcohol per volume (6.9 percent compared to 6.5 percent). The Cascadia cider had a barely yeasty finish and was pretty sour, which made it harder for me to drink it than the Seattle cider. The Seattle cider was cleaner, but more boring, similar to most other ciders. A cool thing about the Cascadia cider was that it used ale yeast compared to — presumably — champagne yeast, which is common in ciders to get a dry flavor.

Beer Smoothness Taste ABV Cost
Seattle smoother $2.89
Cascadia better higher $2.39

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