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A campus tour like no other


Share with your mother your favorite place to poop

With so many mothers on campus, what would you want us to share with our parents?

I’ve been thinking a lot about everything my mother has done for me throughout my life.  She worked throughout most of my childhood, and yet still found time to cook for me, clean the house and help with my homework. When my siblings and I would fight, she was our counselor. Through all the scrapes and bruises, she was my nurse. 

Max Cowan | Argonaut Answers to questions regarding university policies, procedures and student life

Max Cowan | Argonaut
Answers to questions regarding university policies, procedures and student life

Maybe your father, or another figure in your life did the same for you. We all have someone in our lives who helped us accomplish what we have so far. Though this weekend maybe named for mothers, I find it is an opportunity to recognize all of the incredible figures in our lives.

Recalling all of the things my mother has done for me makes me see the incredible amount of work the University of Idaho puts into helping first-year students. The path to adulthood is challenging for many students, with plenty of bumps in the road.

When things get tough, and all you want is your mom, UI tries to find solutions. When you’re sick, you can go to the health center. When you’re struggling with homework, there are tutors. When you need support, there is the Counseling and Testing Center. There are so many services that try to step in to help us grow.

This is not to say that the university is replacing our mothers. There will never be a substitute for those special people in your life. Instead, with so many family and friends visiting this weekend, it is a chance to show them all the university does. Though they may have worried about us leaving the nest, they can rest knowing that UI is helping to ease the transition.

Where should I take my mother on campus?

While there are so many great places to visit on campus, I would advise a less conventional campus tour. While you could walk down the Hello Walk, look at our newest classrooms and our historic buildings, these are things anyone could visit. Instead, you should share with your mother something only you will know. You should show your mother your favorite bathroom on campus.

When spending so much time on campus, we all come to know the campus so well, bathrooms included. Since using the bathroom is such a personal activity, I think there is no better way to share this campus with your mom.

I have a strong preference for the bathrooms in Ridenbach Hall. It has all the qualities of great bathroom — single person, spacious and adjacent percussion practice rooms. A close second is the bathroom on the second floor of the memorial gym behind the balcony, which has an amazing view.

While I may be the only person brazen enough to write it, I know we all have our favorite bathrooms on campus. If you really want to show your mom a fantastic part of campus, share it with her.

Max Cowan can be reached at arg-opinion@uidaho.edu

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