| 03.19.2018

Search begins for new VP


Search begins for the next leader of Finance and Administration

The University of Idaho has begun its search for a new vice president of Finance and Administration.

Bob Weis, executive director of the UI Foundation and head of the search committee, said he is not putting a timeline on the search, but would be delighted to have a final candidate by June.

“We’re going to go through all the proper steps and process and make sure we get the very best candidate we can for the University of Idaho,” Weis said. “So if that takes longer than that period of time, great, we’ll work until we get the right candidate.”

The selected candidate would replace Ron Smith, who announced in February he would step down to become a professor with the College of Business and Economics. Smith has been vice president of Finance and Administration since 2011, when he left a vice president position at Seattle University.

In the position, Smith oversees a number of university departments, including Human Resources, Facilities and Information Technology Services.

Weis said the position serves as the chief financial officer for the university and is a key member of UI President Chuck Staben’s executive team. He said the committee would look for candidates with management and financial experience — preferably someone with a higher education background.

The search committee had a meeting with Staben Wednesday to kick off the search process, Weis said. He said UI has already started advertising for the position and anyone with proper qualifications — internal or external — should apply.

“That’s always, I think, the interesting part, to see who comes forward,” he said. “And what candidates that we’re able to attract.”

Weis said the five-member search committee is comprised of a wide variety of stakeholders, including UI deans and professors who are familiar with the position and the university.

“We’re a pretty diverse group of people,” he said.

Once the final five candidates are selected, Weis said they would visit campus to meet with stakeholders and speak at an open forum.

Like all search processes, Weis said Staben would have final say over which candidate is selected for the position.

“The job of the committee really is to bring the top five candidates forward,” he said.

Along with picking the final candidates, Wies said he anticipates Staben will also ask the search committee for a list of the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate.

With the recent announcement of a new provost and the finalists for the new vice president of University Advancement, Weis said this position is a critical hire for Staben as he builds his executive team.

“Clearly, he is continuing to develop his staff,” Weis said.

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