| 03.24.2018

Horoscopes 12.12


Sagittarius 11/22-12/21

December is the month of closure for a lot of signs, but especially you, Sagittarius. Do not be surprised if any relationships come to an end soon, they are supposed to.

Capricorn 12/22-1/19

Your expectations have been rather high lately. Keep your standards high, but lower your expectations so you aren’t constantly disappointed.

Aquarius 1/20-2/18

The sun is an important aspect of your life this month. Try to spend more time outdoors. Take in some vitamin D and soak in a few rays.

Pisces 2/19-3/20    

As the year comes to a close, it is a time to work hard to achieve the goals you have previously put off. You will have success in whatever you set your mind towards.

Aries 3/21-4/19

This is a good month to reflect, not only your year, but also your life. Decide if your current habits best represent who you want to be. If it’s not, figure out how to change it.

Taurus 4/20-5/20

Remember to not compare yourself to others. Everyone is going through their own thing and most people act based off the best interests of themselves.

Gemini 5/21-6/21

Concentrate on the needs of others this holiday season. Remember to show others how much you love and appreciate them.

Cancer 6/22-7/22

Show a little more trust in others. Let your walls down and talk to friends and family about what is bothering you.

Leo 7/23-8/22

Some things shouldn’t be planned. It’s OK to enjoy life without trying to be in control all the time.

Virgo 8/23-9/22

December is a good time to change your perspective on life. Start thinking about things in a more positive way and watch your life turn more positive as well.

Libra 9/23-10/22

The world isn’t out to get you. Both good and bad things happen to teach people lessons. Sometimes, it takes a while to find out what those lessons are.

Scorpio 10/23-11/21

This was a long year and it’s good to have some down time at the end of it. Get some sleep and cuddle up by a fireplace somewhere.

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