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Shaker scalloped corn


Claire Whitley | Crumbs

Claire Whitley | Crumbs

Claire Whitley | Crumbs


Holiday dinners are not the same without some kind of vegetable casserole. More often than not, the favorite on any table is green bean casserole. However, my mother learned early on some of her children don’t like green beans and would only eat corn. She accommodated and found a delicious alternative that makes the whole family happy.



12 strips of bacon, fried crisp

4 tablespoon bacon fat

1 large green pepper, chopped

1 large onion, sliced

3 cups fresh corn mixed with 1 cup of milk or cream

1 1/2 cups fine bread crumbs

2 eggs beaten

1 1/2 cups light cream

1 tsp salt

1/2 teaspoon pepper




Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and crease casserole dish with butter.

Fry bacon and remove from grease.

When cool, break into small pieces.

Using 4 tablespoons of bacon grease, saute green pepper and onion.

Add corn, bread crumbs, beaten egg, light cream, salt, pepper and bacon pieces.

Spread evenly over casserole pan.

Dot with butter and bake for 20 minutes until bubbly all the way through.


Claire Whitley can be reached at crumbs@uidaho.edu

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