| 03.17.2018

Speak out — What have Vandals been up to?


As the days get shorter and summer starts to creep to its conclusion, it is time to look back and take stock of our summers. Long months that seemed endless have flown by and sometimes we struggle to remember what filled our days. Books and lectures await us in a few short weeks but for now we can look back at what we have done and plan our last few adventures. Here are some summer recaps from Vandals. 

No matter what your summer contained, from motorcycle riding to paddle boarding, from work to running, you still have a few short weeks to pack with adventure. Look back to savor your memories but don’t wait to make some more. The summer is always shorter than it seems, don’t let these days escape you. No matter what you are doing it is always possible to do it better, to make it more memorable, to live fuller. Make these last few weeks something worth remembering in the semesters ahead.

Lizzy Ryan“Besides working at Nectar and Ag Biotech, I got some sweet hikes, fun-runs, and camping times in. Multiple visits to the family cabin on Flathead Lake, MT. We never miss a summer without some hiking in the Jewel Basin and Glacier.” — Lizzy Ryan


Lydia Ryan“I was in two weddings: my brother and my best friend. Both weddings were super awesome. In Montana: I went paddle boarding on Flathead Lake, ran (not really) a 5k along the Swan River with my extended family, and hiked up Mount Aeneas in the Jewel Basin. This summer, I am a volleyball coach for the “Little Lady’s Volleyball League.” I coach 8-10 year old girls in volleyball and I love it. We are undefeated so far (pompous sniff). I’ve been working full time at SEL as a project coordinator intern and I really like my job. The engineers I work with are fun to be with, but very brilliant and hard working. I’ve also just been hanging out a lot with my family and friends… (Lots of biking, hiking, walking, and coffee).” — Lydia Ryan


Brian Stanton“After finishing my freshman year at the University of Idaho I’ve spent my summer here in Moscow on the Palouse. Most of my time is spent working the Best Western and University Inn as a Convention Center Supervisor. In my free time I’ve been relaxing and enjoying the nice weather. Highlights thus far have been summer BBQ’s, bowling in Pullman, and cheering on Team USA in the World Cup at the Nuart. Next up? Camping at Wallowa State Park!” — Brian Stanton


Trevor Morse“Summertime on the Palouse is full of outdoor activities for me. Weekdays are taken up with work on our family property where we raise sheep, goats, and cows. While fixing fences or mowing and spraying weeds or bucking hay bales can be relatively labor intensive, it is reward-ing to be working with your hands and seeing what you have accomplished after many sweaty hours. Summer highlights tend to take place on the weekends with friends while splattering each other in paintball battles or out dirt biking up and down logging roads or heading out to Elk Riv-er Falls to escape the heat.” — Trevor Morse


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