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Resourceful ramen


As a freshman in college, three things are almost universally true: you lack friends, direction and money. Though, unlike Ramen_Romansfriends and a purpose in life, you’re going to need money to survive and an easy way to save cash is to stock your cupboards with Maruchan Ramen Noodles.

For less than a quarter per packet, you can cook these versatile noodles in any way you see fit. Feel like Mexican tonight? Try ramen tacos. Italian? Ramen pizza makes for an interesting dish. Ramen trail mix, chocolate desserts and fried ramen ice cream are all possibilities for the adventurous amateur chefs.

Here are four ways to fill up while being both intuitive and cheap. Directions for actually cooking the ramen noodles can be found by looking on the back of the package, or you could just call your mom and ask.

Add a seasoning

One of the simplest ways to change the landscape of your noodle experience. If you’re tired of the same chicken, beef and shrimp flavors, go and experiment with some new ones. Some of my favorites include:

Seasoning Salt

Lemon Pepper

Garlic and Herbs with Roasted Red Pepper

Perfect For: 

Stuffing into a zip-lock baggie and reheating in the food court microwave during your 15-minute break between classes.

Spicy Grilled Cheese Ramen Bacon Sandwich

While noodles, cheese and bread may sound like an odd combination, adding jalapenos and bacon can make a stellar sandwich. The spicy grilled cheese ramen bacon sandwich combines two of the easiest-to-make meals and then adds bacon, and who actually minds cooking bacon? Not me, that’s who.

Perfect For:

 Trying out your “new” stove in your “new” apartment. The brown stuff under the refrigerator is normal, move along please.

Ramen, Meat and Veggies

Ramen noodles aren’t healthy by any means, but adding some sautéed meat and steamed frozen vegetables such as onions, tomatoes and broccoli can round out the meal. Matching flavors of the ramen packet and the meat is advisable and helps to create a consistent taste.

Perfect For: 

Impressing that girl you invited over to study history. “Oh, you’re a chef too? What else can you do?”

Ramen in the Raw

My all-time favorite way to eat ramen noodles. It is no coincidence that this is also the easiest (see: laziest) way to enjoy them. This method doesn’t require any other ingredients or hassle. 

Step 1: While package is still closed, crush up the dry noodles inside. 

Step 2: Open package and seasoning packet

Step 3: Pour seasoning into the package and shake until noodles are evenly covered

Perfect For: 

Any time, any place, any situation.  

Pro Tip – Stuff the entire 24-pack under the couch so you barely have to move to reach them.

Nathan Romans can be reached at crumbs@uidaho.edu  

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