| 03.18.2018

Off the cuff


Always good to see the Choklahoma City Blunder lose. Makes you believe in karma.



I can ride my bicycle without feeling cold breeze of winter days. Happy May! P.S. Spring is here everyone!



The weather is spectacular, all my friends are in great moods and I was offered a cool summer opportunity. I don’t see any clouds in the sky.


To skip

Or not to skip class. That is the question. Oh, Fridays.


The irony is killing me

To relieve the stress of finals, the LLCs had stress-relieving puppies in the Trout Room on Thursday. Unfortunately, I missed the event to help with Argonaut production. Why must all awesome on-campus events coincide with production? Everyone that produces the paper needs puppies.


This just has been …

… a bad couple of weeks for the University of Idaho. Hopefully, some good news comes after all this bad news.



I don’t like making major decisions without talking it through with pretty much everyone around me. Laugh if you will, but one of these days it’s going to keep me from doing something totally stupid.


Happy camper

Along with the beautiful weather and amazing week, I’m going camping with all my people this weekend and couldn’t be happier. Solid way to start the end of the year festivities.


Thanks, Obama

Yesterday I asked my first question in a White House teleconference. Unfortunately, it was in response to the announcement that UI is under investigation by the Department of Education for potential Title IX violations. So really, thank you Obama, for your nationwide effort to change the culture of sexual violence on college campuses.


May the Fourth

Bloomsday this year is May 4, the nationally recognized day for all things Star Wars. My running partner thinks it’d be great to dress up like Han Solo and Princess Leia for the race … I’m thinking no.


Tick tock

Two more weeks untill the end of my sophomore year at UI? Time is a strange thing.




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