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In the midst of cramming final term papers and stressing yourself out over studying for those cumulative tests, it is okay to feel sorry for yourself just a little bit. These things get everybody down and you need a chance to mope before you give yourself a slap in the face and get back on the horse. This is a great list of songs to set the mood for your mope fest. 

™Airplanes∫ by B.o.B feat. Hayley Williams

While this song is on the lighter side of moping, Bobby Ray and Paramore’s Hayley Williams are singing the words we’re all thinking when it comes to finals week.

™Cry∫ by Rihanna

Just because you’re feeling sorry for yourself doesn’t mean you have to cry over it. That’s Rihanna’s message in this song accompanied by a great piano melody.

™Hallelujah∫ by Matthew Schuler

This beautiful song written by Leonard Cohen is always a winner when you need a buddy to feel sorry for you. The best version of this song is done by John Cale but Matthew Schuler, a previous contestant on “The Voice,” does a knock-out performance worth listening to.

™What’s Left of Me∫ by Nick Lachey

Even without 98 Degrees to back him up, Nick Lachey’s vocals are a perfect serenade for any day you are feeling down.

™Say Something∫ by A Great Big World feat. Christina Aguilera 

This song is a good tear jerker. By the time it’s over, you’ll have cried out all the self-pity and will be back to dancing again in no time.

™Heavy in Your Arms∫ by Florence and the Machine

No one but Florence can truly sing the depths of the emotions you are feeling. This song will allow you to own the weight of your woes and wallow in them just a little bit longer.

™Human∫ by Christina Perri

We’re only human. There is only so much craziness we can take at a time. While this song will make you feel better about your moping, the orchestra crescendo toward the end of the song will spark some revival to keep your head up.

™Bad Day∫ by Daniel Powter

“Where is the passion when you need it the most? You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost.” Let the moping begin.

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