| 03.19.2018

Editorial was too kind


You had an opportunity on Monday to publish a hard-hitting editorial in Tuesday’s paper and you wimped out. The powers that be at the university must really appreciate your tenure as Argonaut editor.

They could live in fear of a tiger’s wrath but they feel safe knowing that you’re a pussycat instead. What a joke!

The university is being torn down around your head and you and “RT” — apparently — remain blissfully unaware, bleating on about the need for more “open communication.”

But that’s OK, boys. You have earned another round of nice pats on the head from your elders. You’ve been “good,” they will say, and they will let you skip merrily on, not a care in the world. Never mind that generations of past editors are shaking their heads at your folly, at your conscious decision to make the students’ voice into a quiet whisper.

Pardon me while I go puke. All over your scribblings.

–John Pool,


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