| 03.18.2018

Stressidence halls don’t kill — Residence Halls offer relief from dead week with fun programs



Dead week is a time when many students’ blood turns to caffeine and their minds turn to mush. It’s the precursor to a week filled with stressful tests, projects and essays. For one week straight, the majority of the student body consumes an entire semester’s worth of material — or so it seems.

Fortunately, the University of Idaho residence halls — which are coordinating a consistent 22-hour quiet policy during finals — offer reprieve from the rigors of studying. Bob’s Place has also offered an opportunity to comfortably study. From 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. on Sunday night, Bob’s Place will host a late night breakfast that’s free to all students and guests. No meal plan is required.

“If you have a study group, you have Greek friends, or off-campus friends, or friends that don’t even go here and are studying with you and you want to feed them — the more the merrier — we will feed anyone that comes, regardless of meal plan,” said Amanda Mollett, Residence Hall Association adviser.

The Wallace Complex has been soothing stressed minds with programs and food. On Monday, students were able to relax and color in the Wallace basement. Tuesday night was filled with movies and YouTube videos for audiences in the Wallace basement. Wednesday provided relaxing activities, flu shots and snacks, and the popular Grandpa Colton program offered students bed time stories at on Thursday. Wrapping up the week on Friday will be Wallace’s Open Mic Night from 8-9:30 p.m.

The Living Learning Communities also helped students prepare by feeding students tacos and handing out approximately 60 care packages for finals. The care package consisted of a teddy bear, a can of Red Bull and a fortune cookie.

The LLCs were going to provide another program that involved a roomful of puppies that students could pet and relax with, but the Humane Society of the Palouse requires two month’s advance notice of using animals in this capacity. According to Ryan Spaniel, LLC programming chair, the program is now set to occur in spring.

Theophilus Tower has been preparing students for dead week and finals since the return from Thanksgiving Break. White elephant gift parties, spa nights, ballroom dances, movies, dinners, volleyball, blanket making, birthday parties and programs on how to stay healthy for finals have all been on the agenda.

RHA members and University Housing staff have all been through finals before, and Jazmine Hudson, area coordinator of the Tower, said knowing when and where to study is crucial.

“Definitely learn when to study by yourself and learn when to study with groups,” Hudson said.

Spaniel said students should know when to take a break during studying.

“That way they don’t fry their brains,” Spaniel said.

Michael Lowe, Wallace hall representative, said breaks are his biggest tool while studying.

“Every hour, I take a five-minute break,” Lowe said.

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