| 03.18.2018

For them from you — The hottest gifts for Christmas 2013


The frenzy of gift shopping is still underway, but you have yet to even think about what to give your friends and family this Christmas. Check out some of 2013’s hottest gifts.

iPad Air ($499) or iPhone 5s ($199)

iPad Air came out last month and this new innovation has been a center of conversation across the country. It’s as thin as a pencil and only weighs one pound. If this is outside the price range of your budget, getting the new iPhone 5s is another option. These can be great gifts for your parents or any of your siblings because today’s technology allows people to keep in touch easier with video chatting and sharing photos.

Beats Pill speaker ($199.95)

Dr. Dre beats audio is known for its clear bass sound quality. The beats pill speaker is a portable version that has Bluetooth — you can play your music anywhere and anytime. It is small and comes in different colors such as red, white, black, blue, pink, orange, yellow and green. This can be a hot gift for someone who listens to music all the time.

Marc Jacobs “Honey” ($50) or Calvin Klein’s Encounter ($74)

Marc Jacobs “Honey” just came out this fall. It has a flowered and sweet scent with golden touch, which many girls may adore. Calvin Klein’s “Encounter” has its classic woody scent that fits men. These scents have been listed as two of the recommended scents for the holiday season this year, according to Stylist magazine. These can be something hot and very special to get for loved ones.

LeapPad Ultra ($149.99)

LeapPad Ultra is a tablet designed for kids’ education. It’s 7 inches wide and comes with cameras in the front and the back. It comes with two colors, purple and green. It’s also has kids-friendly WiFi, so parents can adjust what kids can and can’t do when browsing the Internet. LeapPad Ultra is one of the fabulous 15 list of Toys”R”us for Christmas gift.

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