| 03.18.2018

ASUI changeover


Instead of jumping right into business, the newly elected ASUI senators’ first task was showing their Vandal pride by singing the Idaho Fight Song — after being sworn into senate Wednesday night. 

Maycee Reeder, Michael Lowe, Jonah Graff, Austin Karstetter, Everett Boker, Allen Jennings and Carlie Beasley were excited and nervous, as they held their first senate meeting the same evening the outgoing senators had theirs.

“It’s always a bittersweet night,” ASUI President Max Cowan said. “You’re welcoming in qualified students into senate — of course that’s exciting — and the same night you’re saying goodbye to senators who you’ve seen work so hard over the
previous months.”

Incoming senators and running mates Allen Jennings and Maycee Reeder were grateful to have been elected as a team and said they will be putting their energy into the key points in the platform they ran on in their campaign.

“I think starting on what our platform was is really important and we want to carry out that and make sure we accomplish everything that we promised to do,” Reeder said. “We’re putting a big emphasis on Vandals watching out for Vandals and having each other’s backs by being engaged with the I Got Your Back campaign, Alternatives for Violence on the Palouse and Green Dot.”

Sen. Grady Hepworth said he’s officially halfway through his term as an ASUI senator and thought the initiation ceremony for the new senators — as well as the meeting that followed — went well.

“We have a great group of individuals who are really passionate about serving the students at the University of Idaho,” Hepworth said. “I know they have a lot of ambition coming in and they’re going to be awesome to work with.”

The first item on the agenda for the new senate was to elect a member as the pro tempore, a leadership position that is reserved to serve as the temporary vice president should she be absent. His colleagues — new and old — elected senior Sen. Anthony Filicetti as the pro tempore for the
spring semester.

“I’m honored to serve as the pro tempore and am thankful that my fellow senators recognized my leadership potential and elected me into the position,” Filicetti said. “Because I am only taking 12 credits next semester, I am going to have the advantage of having the extra time on my hands to reach out and help the senators with their projects and goals for the semester.”

Cowan said he was pleased to see Filicetti elected into the position and anticipates success during the upcoming semester.

“Anthony Filicetti has shown in his years of service to ASUI that he is dedicated and willing to step up to the plate without even being asked,” Cowan said. “That said, as the most senior senator in ASUI, now I think this new leadership position will give more of an opportunity to better serve students at the University
of Idaho.”


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