| 03.19.2018

Vandal voices — 12-3-13


In a recent interview with the Idaho Statesman, appointed University of Idaho President Chuck Staben said “I think flagship is a pretty charged word. I think that’s not a word I really want to use.”

What do you make of Staben’s comments? 

“We’ll see what he thinks when it’s time to fund the 3 big universities and U of I gets short-changed because the football school has a higher profile.”

–Lori Pritchett-Sheats

“I don’t agree that “flagship” is a charged word when it is a factual part of the University of Idaho’s history and tradition.”

–Grady Hepworth

“I agree with future President Staben. I thought that the  ‘uproar’ when the wording was changed was misplaced and a bit of a time waste. It makes more sense to me to continue pursuing excellence rather than labels. Go Vandals!”

–Sammi Gunning

“As in the SBOE warned me of this issue and I will do whatever they tell me since they ran off all the other applicants?”

–Chris Cromwell

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