| 03.21.2018

Letter to the editor — Updating the code


The Argonaut published two articles on Oct. 11 on pending changes to the Student Code of Conduct. The current code — Faculty Staff Handbook 2300 — was instituted in 1969-70. Since then there have been several updates to the SCC, the most recent in 2012, when FSH 2350 dealing with Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence was added to FSH 2300.  

Typically revisions to the FSH are “red-line” documents — track changes are visible — that preserve much of the original text. The proposed SCC that is in circulation was drafted by Bruce Pitman and his staff in the Dean of Students office. It is an almost complete rewrite of FSH 2300.

Consistent with Senate protocol for any FSH document, the proposed SCC has recently been referred to the University Judicial Council, which is the appropriate Faculty Senate committee to review the SCC document. UJC will be tasked with adopting features of the SCC proposed by the Dean of Students while preserving the beneficial core elements of FSH 2300. For example, the Dean’s proposed code has some desirable features, including a section on student amnesty, which “aims to remove the barriers that may prevent students from seeking medical attention by providing an opportunity for the University to intervene in a caring and non-punitive manner.”

Approving a revised FSH 2300 that protects student safety, defines consequences for improper behaviors and upholds student rights is a high priority for Faculty Senate this year.  Faculty Senate is comprised of student representatives, staff and faculty from all colleges. Our weekly Tuesday meetings are open to the public and minutes from all meetings are published online. We encourage everyone to be patient until a consensus draft of the revised FSH 2300 SCC is available for review.

–Patricia Hartzell
Professor Biological Sciences and Chair Faculty Senate 2013-14

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