| 03.18.2018

The BASK Art Collective Workshop — Experiencing interdisciplinary Collaboration


On October 9, the members of the BASK Art Collective — a professional collaboration of four women — hosted a workshop for students and University of Idaho employees. The participants came together to explore themes of strength through art, dance and music.

The hosts of the BASK Art Collective workshop each specialize in a specific area of the humanities. Belle Baggs is a dancer, Alexandra Teague is a poet, Stacy Isenbarger is a sculptor and Kristin Elgersma is a pianist.

After patiently waiting for the entire group to arrive, the hosts gave an introductory presentation with videos and a slide show. They asked participants to split into groups of three for a game involving gesture interplay between the group.

Baggs was able to give a description of what they were hoping to accomplish during the workshop.

“We wanted to invite participants to [explore interdisciplinary connections] in a structured yet playful environment. I hoped that the participants were able to gain new perspectives on issues of social expectations related to gender both in their lives and creative endeavors,” she said.

All four women led a successful workshop, which promoted open discussion of gender roles and posture. They provided an environment for participants to contemplate their work and gave valuable experience with interdisciplinary collaboration.

Bryce Delay can be reached at arg-arts@uidaho.edu

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