| 03.17.2018

See dinner and a show – RHA to host improv comedy event at Bob’s Place Oct. 23


Just as the CW has renewed “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” University of Idaho Residence Hall Association has started it.

In the spirit of comedy, RHA will host its first improv event at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 23 in Bob’s Place. Based on the premise of the popular TV show, the event is intended to increase student involvement.

Nathan McLeod, RHA president, spearheaded the event, taking over coordination of the entire night. McLeod and RHA member Shawn Hunt will cohost the event, which will include two students each from Wallace Complex, the Theophilus Tower and the Living Learning Communities residence halls. Targhee and McConnell Hall are allowed one student each to join the improv comedy team.

“It’s strictly the people who are planning the event who are performing,” McLeod said.

Students will have to pay for a meal to attend the event, though the focus isn’t to increase customers at Bob’s. According to McLeod, the event will be held there due to ease of access for students.

“This is an event that most people on campus aren’t used to,” McLeod said.

Last year, amid other events hosted by RHA, members consistently advised RHA senate members to host an improv event.

The cost to host the improv event in minimal, the only looming price being $5-10 t-shirts for each member of the comedy group. The RHA Senate Programming Fund will cover any further costs.

The comedy group will hold two practices before Oct. 23 to get acquainted with one another. There is also a list of games McLeod will devise to ensure the flow of comedy.

“If you’re not comfortable with the people you’re playing with it’s going to be awkward and no one will have fun, especially the audience, wondering what the hell you’re doing,” said Sean Hendrickson, one of only a few students to express interest in the event thus far.

According to Kendra Buell, RHA programing chair, positions are still open on the improv team.

RHA will be looking for feedback after the event. If it goes well, there will be more scheduled throughout the year.

“If it goes absolutely phenomenally, we could start a consistent team out of the RHA,” McLeod said.

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