| 03.24.2018

Alternative landscaping


In an effort to persuade property owners to decrease water use, wisescaping and zeroscaping have come up as popular solutions. Wisescaping utilizes native plants and grasses that are inherently able to grow locally with little to no water input, while zeroscaping — as well as “xeriscaping” — utilize unique items and greenery that need little to no water at all.

The City of Moscow established the Wisescape program in 2008 to lessen the resource needs of local greenscape areas. Larry Branen, dean emeritus of the UI College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, discussed the importance of drought-tolerant landscaping — wisescapes, he said, are great water-saving alternatives to a traditional grass yard.

Moscow also features the Wisescape Award, for which one can nominate themselves or another for recognition of their wisescape.

Kevin Pullen, manager of SYG Nursery in Pullman, said utilizing rock is the best way to zeroscape a greenspace. With excellent drainage and no actual water need, Pullen said rock beds make attractive, efficient and modern lawn areas.

To learn more about Moscow’s Wisescape program, visit this shortened link to the City of Moscow website: http://goo.gl/O72JP5

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