| 03.24.2018

RHA appoints new talent to MTC position


Freshman Megan Pearson has claimed a leading role on the executive board of the University of Idaho Residence Hall Association. 

Elected Sept. 16, Pearson is the Marketing and Technologies Chair for RHA. She is organizes and maintains RHA’s social media and will be responsible for RHA’s monthly newsletter Graffiti.

Pearson will also handle RHA’s public movie channel, which airs on Channel 16. According to Pearson, it will be a focal point of her time spent as MTC, as she feels not enough students realize RHA provides a consistent movie channel.

Her brother, Brandon Pearson held the position during the summer. However, due to personal reasons, was forced to cancel his position and run again at a later time.

Due to the vacancy of MTC, an election was held two weeks ago, as opposed to the usual spring elections.

Megan and her brother ran against each other for the position. The remaining three candidates running for MTC did not show for the election process.

The culture of campaigning in RHA, compared to organizations such as ASUI, hasn’t been present, said Amanda Mollet, assistant director for residence life.

“Honestly, it’s a really relaxed process compared to other positions I’ve run for,” Pearson said.

In order to be elected, Pearson had to submit a resume, a one page bid explaining what she planned to do with her position and deliver a five-minute speech to RHA senate.

In her speech, Pearson detailed how she planned to use her creative writing major and experience to market RHA and produce Graffiti.

Nathan McLeod, a previous MTC and now President of RHA, has aided Pearson and oriented her as MTC.

“I think with her excitement and creativity, she’ll really be able to grow the position,” Mollet said.

Mollet said Pearson’s adaptability as a first year student on the executive board will benefit her in the position.

Less than a week into the position, Pearson started strong at an RHA leadership retreat at Twinlow. While there, she worked on presentations and helped coordinate events.

Pearson is a current Tower resident. She previously lived in Alpha Gamma Delta, but left the sorority due to interest in RHA and further student involvement.

Pearson said she plans to continue to live in the residence halls.

Jake Smith can be reached at arg-news@uidaho.edu

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