Palouse Liberty Project organizes rally to protect gun rights


In an effort to inspire political activism in community members’ lives, the Palouse Liberty Project is organizing a rally today to support gun rights in America.

“It’s time for people to appreciate the Second Amendment and those rights,” said Jeff Williams, chairman of Palouse Liberty. “It’s an opportunity to stand up and let people know they are valued and cherished by many.”

Williams said Palouse Liberty has been an active organization in Moscow and Pullman during the past five years and hosts many local Tea Party events. The rally Friday is the sixth large event the group has organized in the area, Williams said.

Scheduled to start at 5 p.m. at Friendship Square in downtown Moscow, Williams said the purpose of the rally is simple: to promote gun rights, which are under attack by a vocal minority.

All Palouse Liberty is asking of participants is to listen to the information provided by designated speakers and show their support.

Williams said politically conservative people have a tendency to be complacent and aren’t typically out holding signs and participating in rallies. The focus of Friday’s event is to make people who believe in gun rights aware they need to be active.

“A lot of people think the Constitution will protect us from losing those rights, but we have to defend those rights the Constitution outlines that the government can’t infringe on,” Williams said.

Banning guns will not make society safer, and supporters of gun rights are also proponents of peace — they just go about it in different ways, Williams said. Proposed gun control legislation is an infringement of an individual’s natural rights, Williams said.

“Anyone who is in favor of natural rights, including the right of self-defense, those rights are given to me by my creator or inherent in me as a human being. I don’t have to ask anyone to defend myself,” he said.

While they are hoping to educate the community about the pro gun rights perspective, Williams said they are not forcing their conservative view on anyone.

“I am opposed to statism of any kind, including mandating owning firearms,” he said. “As a free individual I make those choices myself.”

The rally is scheduled during University of Idaho’s Moms Weekend, and although it is not a traditional event, Williams said he still hopes students will attend.

“A lot of kids were raised with these values … a love of natural rights and republics. Make them (parents) proud and bring them out to the rally on Friday night and maybe help make a difference when it comes to the debate on firearms,” he said.

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