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Elisa Eiguren | Crumbs

Elisa Eiguren | Crumbs

Elisa Eiguren | Crumbs

Confidence is a key ingredient of any recipe, and what better way to feel confident than to look your best in the kitchen. Aprons decorated with ruffles, flowers and ribbons are reminiscent of middle-aged housewives, but with minimal artistic talent and money you can create your own suited to your sense of fashion. My best friend and I spent an afternoon together designing our personal aprons. We chose plain black aprons and colorful puff paint. It was a great bonding experience, and now I’m inspired to use my cute apron for a practical purpose while looking totally fetch. 


  • Plain apron (Walmart has three-packs)
  • Assorted puff paints
  • Toothpicks


  1. Plan your design ahead of time so you know exactly what you want your apron to look like.
  2. Place the apron on a flat surface. I suggest drawing or tracing your design on the apron with a pencil first, and using puff paint second.
  3. After you draw the design in pencil, use puff paint to first outline and then fill in the design. I used various shades of blue and green.
  4. Use a toothpick to swirl the colors together in a pattern or clean up an edge if the paint drips.
  5. After you finish, put the apron in a safe place to dry overnight.
  6. You can also add bows, gemstones or other accessories for a more glamorous look.

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