| 03.18.2018

‘Zombies, Run!’


Zombies runAly Soto | rawr reviews

I hate running. I never do it unless I absolutely have to — catching planes and getting to class on time would be the only times I ever run. I’ve also wanted to take part in the Humans vs. Zombies game, but due to my very busy schedule, I haven’t. So when I heard about this app called Zombies, Run! I was intrigued to say the least. I bought the app on a whim and gave it a try.

Zombies, Run! is part game, part story, part running tracker and part music player. You play by simply running (or walking) around while the app is on and listening to it through your headphones. It tracks how long and fast you run and incorporates the data, along with your music, into your mission.

In the game you are a survivor of a zombie apocalypse collecting supplies while listening to instructions from a radio transmission. These transmissions come at various times throughout the mission and narrate what’s happening. If you do well, the survivors’ base you are from will thrive. But you have to be careful and make sure you’re not caught by zombies, in which case you really should pick up your pace. This is where the app takes into account your speed.

This app was fun to use. It actually makes me want to run to see what happens next in the story. I liked the fact that it incorporated my music playlists to listen to while I’m “scouting” for supplies, although it was interesting to run from a hoard of zombies to my Avenue Q soundtrack.

The interface is easy to understand, which is an essential trait in any game app. Just select which mission you want to run, which playlist you want to listen to and press start. You can choose whether or not you want the app to track your progress on your runs by setting up an account on the app’s website, which is great if you’re looking to improve your time. A nice feature for runners who have marathons coming up is the 5k, 10k and 20k missions available to train with.

The app is also successful with its multiple platforms. It is available for the iPhone, Windows phone and Android, so it’s not just limited to one type of phone — this is a big pet peeve I have with many apps.
A warning to those looking to purchase the game — the price is not cheap. I got it on sale for $4 — 50 percent of the original price. However, I think even at $8 this app would still be worth it. If you think about it, that’s around the same price you would pay on average for meal or two here at the university. It also limits the music selections to what you have. It doesn’t connect to apps like Pandora or Spotify, which would have been nice.

In all, Zombies, Run! is a unique, fun app for those who both love to run and are fans of the zombie genre.  Use it on a treadmill, the track or the park — it provides an interesting workout by combining an action packed story with your favorite tunes. Just use it in a safe environment away from vehicles.

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