| 03.17.2018

Speak out – Worst date you’ve ever been on?


“I tried to put my arm around a girl. She turned to me and said in total seriousness, Jacob, no. We’ve been dating for some time now.”

Jacob Marsh


“I went on a double date once and the other guy talked to my date more than his cause she wouldn’t start a conversation. When the other two left we all had an awkward goodbye and the other guy hugged my date. The nerve of that guy! Sheesh.”

Tuffy Hickman


 “Every (date) with my ex.”

Miranda Rivers


“My mom wouldn’t let me go on a date by myself with a girl (I was 16), so I had to bring a friend along. I had to pay for everyone’s meal, it was super awkward, and very embarrassing. The girl never went on a second date with me…”

Michael Egland


 “I can’t get dates because, according to some, i have no game.”

Patrick Behre






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