| 03.20.2018

Local artist enhances City of Moscow website design


The City of Moscow’s recent website updates feature a layout design from a local artist and user friendly navigation.
City of Moscow Information Systems Media Specialist Ryan Savage said he controls the site content and chose a layout by local web designer Susan Weaver.
“With these new changes we’re trying to go for a more visually appealing site that supports the arts in the area, and we’re trying to be as open as possible and communicate information as well as we can,” Savage said.
Savage said the previous navigation was department focused and difficult to maneuver for people who are not familiar with the structure of the city facets.
“For the new website we tried to take the opposite
approach, where if I was just someone from the public who didn’t know that daily press logs came out of the police
department, I would still be able to easily find them,” Savage said. “Or if you were looking to pay or appeal parking tickets it would be easier to find without knowing where that function actually lives within the departments of the city.”
Savage said the biggest change is the website moved into a content management system called SharePoint, which allows city departments to manage their own content. He said the general public wouldn’t notice this alteration.
Savage said all feedback is anonymous and most of
the comments have been positive. He said people noted that they really like the new images and colors.
“We’ve been getting requests from various city officials that would like to have blogs as an easier way to communicate with the public about upcoming projects,” he said.
Savage said after the new changes have stabilized, blogging capabilities will be added to allow public comments. He said new features will be added as the need for additions is determined.
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