| 03.18.2018

10 ways to say ‘I love you’ with food


For Valentine’s Day there are millions of ways to say, “I love you,” but none stack up to food. Get ready to blow the mind of your Valentine with a food-made gift. They’re likely to stick around after this … at least until their food supply diminishes.

1. Place a tag on a container or bag of nuts and write, “I’m nuts about you.”

2. Cut paper to fit around a can of olives. Write “OLIVE you.”

3. Write “I wouldn’t chews anyone but you,” on a pack of gum.

4. Give someone their favorite kind of apple with a note that reads, “You are the apple of my eye.

5. Write “We were mint to be together,” on the bottom of a mint tin.

6. With a ribbon and a tag, fashion a quote to a bunch of bananas that reads, “I’m bananas for you.”

7. Write “Life would be unBEARable without you,” on a package of gummy bears.

8. Wrap a box full of Lucky Charms cereal and draw a heart with a note that says, “You are my lucky charm.”

9. To a box of Sweet Tarts candy, attach a note that reads, “You are my SweetTart.”

10. Throw some Smarties candy in a box, tape it up and write the saying, “You are such a ‘Smartie’ for choosing me.”

Lindsey Treffry can be reached at arg-art.uidaho.edu

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