| 03.17.2018

Offense returns in big way



Ali Forde

Forde had a beastly night underneath for Idaho, nabbing 13 rebounds, six points and two assists. The freshman continues to grow and contribute to this team.

Alyssa Charlston

Charlston had a typical night for her, which is phenomenal for most.  She put up 14 points and added four rebounds and four assists in 28 minutes of play. It’s a surprise when Charlston doesn’t put up double-digit points these days as she continues to be the strong team leader.

Christina Salvatore

Salvatore had a monster night with a game-high 22 points, hitting five 3-pointers on the night. She also added four rebounds and three assists in 26 minutes of action. She’s proven she’s a dangerous scoring threat and continues to back it up with performances like this.

Stacey Barr

Barr got her offense going again against the Spartans, putting up 14 points. She added five rounds and a couple of assists. Barr has been quiet for a few games, but came back strong in this one, doing what everyone knows she’s capable of doing.

Connie Ballestero

Ballestero didn’t have huge offensive numbers, only adding five points, but was big in limiting Idaho turnovers. She committed zero turnovers and dished out 11 assists in her 34 minutes of action. The performance moved her atop the WAC- only games assist/turnover ratio standings.


Krissy Karr

Karr was also a big part of taking care of the basketball for Idaho. She only took one shot in the game and had no points, but she committed no turnovers in 21 minutes of play, and dished the ball off for four assists.

Addie Schivo

Schivo played a total of 20 minutes and put up six points. Not the best night out for Schivo, but her shots were limited. She produces when she gets in, it’s just a question of how much she’s used and how her shot is.

Jessica Graham

Graham came off the bench and dropped a season-high 16 points and added six rebounds and a block. The senior has struggled with injuries her entire career, but has been healthy this season and is starting to heat up. She just adds to an already strong post game with Charlston and Forde.

Kevin Bingaman can be reached at arg-sports@uidaho.edu

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