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Where to go to watch the game


Football – Kibbie Dome

The Kibbie-ASUI Activity Center, more commonly known as the Kibbie Dome, has been home to Vandal football since 1975, aside from a few years that the team called Pullman’s Martin Stadium home during the transition to the FBS. 

Renovated in 2010 to a cost of about $27million, the Kibbie-ASUI Activity Center currently has seating for 16,000.
Joseph Engle | Argonaut

The Dome replaced Neale Stadium, which was partially burned down in 1969. Located on the southwest part of campus, it is a short walk from primary residence halls, the Idaho Commons and the library. Student seating reserves the entire north end of the stadium.

Volleyball (and occasionally men’s and women’s basketball)

Memorial Gym 

Memorial Gym is one of the oldest and most esteemed buildings on campus and registered under the United States National Register of Historic Places. Looking more like a cathedral than a gym, it was constructed in 1928 to honor Idahoans who died in World War I. “Mem Gym” as it’s affectionately called, creates an intimate environment for teams that call the building home upper tier seats hover above the court and lower bleachers snug up to the edge. It is located directly across from the Idaho Commons and the library.

Men’s and women’s basketball – Cowan Spectrum (at the Kibbie Dome)

When football season ends, the turf is rolled up, stored, and the Kibbie Dome is transformed into a multi-sport facility, which includes the curtained-off Cowan Spectrum court against the north stands. It provides a capacity of 6,000 with students getting priority seats closest to the court and behind both baskets. The Spectrum is one of the smallest arenas in the conference and has suffered low attendance lately, but the small size is conducive to great sight lines no matter the seat and when packed can be a hostile environment to opponents.

Soccer – Guy Wicks Field

Located on the northwest corner of campus along Paradise Path, Guy Wicks Field has been home to the women’s soccer program since 1998. Seating is on the south side of the field, but many also choose to bring lawn chairs or lay or stand along the grass sideline. Matches are free to all, and fans are as close to the action as they can get.

Swim and Dive – UI Swim Center

Originally constructed in the early 1970s, the Swim Center underwent upgrades when the swim and dive program was reinstated in 2004. The facility is adjacent to Memorial Gym and a short walk from campus hubs such as the Idaho Commons and student housing. Seating on the second tier gives fans the best possible view of all pool lanes. The Swim Center is open to students when not in use by the team.

Track and Field – Dan O’Brien Track & Field Complex

Located west of the Kibbie Dome, the freshly renovated Dan O’Brien Track & Field complex is home to the reigning WAC Champion men. The facility is used primarily during late spring competitions, as the program also uses the Kibbie Dome. The facility is named for former Vandal and Olympic gold medalist Dan O’Brien.

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