| 03.19.2018

No kidding


The SitterMolly Spencer | rawr reviews

If you’re a fan of any Jonah Hill movie, then you’re aware that he is a most unsuitable babysitter.

In his new release, “The Sitter” he plays a lazy college dropout who lives with his single mother.

In order to let his mom have one fun night out, he is forced to babysit his neighbor’s haywire children: Blithe, the young daughter who aspires to be a movie star and has a mouth like a sailor, Slater, the closet gay teen who thinks he has a plethora of anxiety issues, and Rodrigo, the adopted Hispanic terrorist child.

After the parents of the children specify that their vehicles are off limits to Noah (Hill) he gets a phone call from someone he likes to call his “girlfriend” from a party requesting drugs and a booty call (for incentive).

Noah and the three children find themselves running from a maniac druglord, searching for their stolen mini van and rushing to get home in time before the parents. In the midst of all the craziness, Noah somehow manages to teach each child a beneficial life lesson.

It’s a considerable comedy for the summer, but most definitely not a movie for children.

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